How We Care For Our Clients

At For Eyes Bookkeeping, we work hard to keep our client’s books accurate and up-to-date. From reviewing transactions daily to producing end-of-year financial statements, we’re in constant analysis and monitoring of your financial data. As a client, you will be assured that we’re always on top of every aspect of your bookkeeping needs and will significantly reduce your stress and worry. You’ll also get back your time to do what you know best and what’s most profitable for your practice, while feeling secure in your decision to work with us.

This is how we do it.


  1. Record Transactions according to industry-standard Generally Accepted Account Principles (GAAP)
  2. Receive, document, and securely store receipts, bills, and statements
  3. Review and manage Accounts Payable
  4. Collect vital documents to better categorize expenses
  5. Review Projected Cash Flow
  6. HIPAA level document storage and communications processes
  7. Best business operations recommendations
  8. Automate data retrieval and submission
  9. Near real-time financial status updates


  1. Reconcile and balance a wide range of bank accounts, credit cards, and loans
  2. Review and categorize payroll expenses
  3. Review actual Profit and Loss vs Budget
  4. Review End-of-Month Balance Sheet vs prior period
  5. Update and record depreciation schedules for fixed assets
  6. Personal meetings to discuss financial statement review, interpretation, and consultation
  7. Analyze gross and net income Levels
  8. Calculate and record Short-term and Long-term Loans Payable liability


  1. Review Estimated Quarterly Taxes
  2. Review Sales Tax
  3. Prepare Year-to-Date Profit and Loss estimate


  1. Work directly with your CPA to achieve the most accurate books
  2. Prepare, Review and Approve Year-End Reports and Tax Returns
  3. Annual meeting to review your growth & weak spots

Monthly Package

The Monthly Package covers the essential bookkeeping services needed to run your practice.*

Classify and Record Transactions | For Eyes Bookkeeping

Classify & Record Transactions

Record, classify, and store all business transactions from different sources (bank & credit card accounts, bill statements, etc.)

Reconcile Transactions | For Eyes Bookkeeping

Reconcile Transactions

Verify and check between transactions recorded in QuickBooks Online (QBO) and bank & credit card statements

Financial Statements | For Eyes Bookkeeping

Financial Statements

Prepare accurate monthly financial statements: Balance Sheet, Income Statement (Profit & Loss), and Statement of Cash Flows

Practice Management Integration | For Eyes Bookkeeping

Practice Management Integration

We get the latest numbers from all Practice Managements, whether that be Revolution, Eye Cloud Pro, Crystal, or Office Mate, and integrate them with your QBO to obtain the latest revenue data.

A La Carte Services

Add-on services are available to get your practice to the next level.

  • Collecting, recording, categorizing, and payment of bills

*Rates are based on annual practice gross revenue