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Wade W. Weisz, OD

Founder, Owner and Principal Bookkeeper
[email protected]
(408) 214-1222 (voice/text)

Wade W. Weisz, OD

Founder, Owner and Principal Bookkeeper
[email protected]
(408) 214-1222 (voice/text)

Hi, I’m Wade. I’m an OD with over 25+ years of experience in private practice ownership, and I’m on a mission to provide the specialized bookkeeping support my colleagues need and deserve.

For Eyes Bookkeeping, LLC helps ODs…

  • Stop wasting money
  • Stop losing valuable time
  • Stop losing productivity

And get back to growing their practice in a way that’s effective, smart, and sustainable!
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For Eyes Bookkeeping, LLC offers professional bookkeeping services for professional optometrists. We are on a mission to help the optometric community increase the financial health of their practices, save hours of doctor and staff time each month, and boost profits by being a trusted, financial advocate.

Best of all, our bookkeeping packages are 100% tax-deductible and cover all the essential bookkeeping services needed to run your practice. We also offer add-on services, like bill pay, budgeting, payroll, past years catch up, team member productivity tracking, and more to help your practice succeed to the fullest extent!

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